Progressives Every Day: Vote Counting Problems

And AOC shows why she'll be president one day

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Progressives Everywhere! Almost there!

Before we get going, I just want to note that Donald Trump and William Barr are trying to turn this country into a police state by sending shock troopers into various cities to beat, pepper spray, and abduct innocent civilians. It’s infuriating and terrifying and will likely only get worse before the election — these clown terrorists will do anything to hold on to power.

OK, now to the news!

Elections (and Future Elections) and Voting Rights

  • Activists across the country have been pushing hard to expand absentee balloting for this November’s election, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that securing the right to vote by mail is only half the battle. Absentee ballots have always been rejected at a higher rate than in-person votes, but in this year’s mail-heavy primaries, the rate of disqualified ballots have skyrocketed — especially for younger, Black, and Latinx voters.

    A new analysis of primary votes in Wisconsin found that over 23,000 absentee ballots were rejected during the primary — more than the number of votes that Trump won the state by in 2016. Over half those votes were rejected because there was some kind of error with the outside of the ballot envelope, which must have the signatures and addresses of both the voter and a designated witness. Absentee voting made up 60% of ballots cast during the primary, and because the state does not require an excuse to mail in a ballot, there’s every chance that we’ll see a repeat performance come November.

    I highly recommend reading the entire piece, which illustrates just how byzantine these laws and processes can be for people who just want to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right.

  • Speaking of witness signature requirements, the ACLU has been suing states over them, given just how impractical it is to have someone watch you fill out your ballot in person during a pandemic.

  • In Nevada, the Republican Secretary of State said that she will not be turning the general election into an all-mail affair, as was done for the primary. The issue, she says, is that doing so would cost about $5 million that her office does not have. The state doesn’t require an excuse to request an absentee ballot, so it’s likely that a majority of Nevadans will send in their ballot, anyway.

  • A new poll out of Florida has Joe Biden up 51-38 on Donald Trump, a lead that can be attributed almost entirely to the disaster that has unfolded over the last four months. Turns out that allowing tens of thousands of people to get sick with a deadly disease every single day is not politically popular:

    Voters give Governor DeSantis a negative job approval for his handling of the response to the coronavirus, as 38 percent approve, while 57 percent disapprove. In April, 50 percent approved, while 41 percent disapproved.

    Voters give President Trump a negative job approval for his handling of the response to the coronavirus; 37 percent approve, while 59 percent disapprove. In April, 46 percent approved, while 51 percent disapproved.

    Governor DeSantis receives a negative 41 - 52 percent job approval, a 31-point swing in the net approval from April when he received a positive 53 - 33 percent job approval rating. Today's numbers are the lowest for DeSantis since taking office in 2019.

    President Trump receives a negative 40 - 58 percent job approval in Florida, down from a 45 - 51 percent approval rating in April.

    One thing that blows me away: Trump still has the advantage on the economy, which right now is in the worst shape since the Great Depression. Do people not realize that the economy is reflective of other decisions, all of which they don’t trust Trump to make??

  • In case you weren’t convinced that Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal is a tool of Wall Street and fully out of touch with his working-class Western Massachusetts district, this should do the trick:

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