Make RBG's Memory a Revolution

Here's how we can stop Trump and McConnell

Welcome to a special, solemn edition of Progressives Everywhere.

Spoiler: This is a guide to what you can do to help stop Trump and Mitch McConnell from further wrecking our country with a new Supreme Court Justice.

In normal times, the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg would be a very painful loss and, even in a presidential campaign, we’d take a few days to reflect on and celebrate her trailblazing career. Now, in this unprecedented moment in American history, the loss of the indomitable trailblazer is an incalculable one. We must now mourn RBG’s remarkable life while also focusing our attention on the all-out war that has escalated to unthinkable heights over the last 12 hours.

Already, the craven and utterly soulless combination of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are working to replace Justice Ginsburg with someone who would so quickly wipe away so many of the freedoms, reforms, and social justice landmarks that she spent a lifetime working to enact. Simply put, we can’t let this happen.

We already faced an existential threat on Election Day. Now, the race against time has begun. It’s in no way hyperbole to say the future of American democracy hinges on us giving everything we can over the next 45 days.

Here’s a guide to things you can do today and every day to help push back against McConnell and Trump replacing Justice Ginsberg this year.

Pressure Senators

The GOP will have two chances to replace Justice Ginsburg with some kind of billionaire-coddling, autocrat-loving ghoul: Before Election Day and during the lame-duck session. For now, let’s focus on the before part.

There are six Republican-held seats that Democrats either currently on pace to flip or are within striking range of taking. Given both the GOP’s refusal to take up President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland ten months before the 2016 election, we have the perfect opportunity to pin these Republicans to committing to holding off on a Trump nominee.

Not that I think they actually care about fairness or justice, of course — these people have zero morals. But they do like power, and if they think voting for confirmation will endanger their chances of keeping it, they may just hold off.

Here are the DC office contacts of these endangered senators — click on their names for email addresses:

And here are are the numbers of senators who aren’t up for re-election but have indicated that they’d be unwilling to green-light a new justice so close to the election:

You can also donate to Democratic candidates for Senate:

Donate to Democratic Senate Candidates

Help Out Progressives GOTV Groups

Now, it’s important to give to campaigns and arm them with cash, but I’ll be honest — candidates’ campaigns, especially the top-level ones with tens of millions of dollars, don’t always spend their money in the most effective ways. A fair amount of it goes to consultants, big TV ad buys that net even more money for consultants, and salaries. That’s just the way this works right now.

That’s why I think it’s just as important to donate to grassroots get out the vote groups. These are the organizations that get people out on the streets, in the community, making phone calls, and texting voters. Crucially, they’re often also the people best equipped to connect with, motivate, and advocate for minority communities, young people, and low-frequency voters. It’s never been more important to activate all corners fo the progressive coalition (and push for policies that reflect our values).

They also help fight voter suppression, which is one of the biggest dangers we face this year.

Below, you can donate to some great GOTV and progressive mobilization organizations, all in one click:

Donate to Progressive GOTV Groups!

Help Down-Ballot Candidates

One of the main focuses this year (and every year) at Progressives Everywhere is spotlighting and fundraising for candidates running for state legislature, where most of the United States’ laws are written. This year, Democrats have a chance to flip legislatures in a number of swing states, and by helping their campaigns, we also get to help get out the vote for Joe Biden in must-win states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida.

I’ve written guides to key candidates in a majority of these flippable states, which I’ve listed below.

Michigan: Guide | Donate

Pennsylvania: Guide | Donate

North Carolina: Guide | Donate

Arizona: Guide | Donate

Texas: Guide | Donate

Florida: Guide | Donate

Georgia: Guide | Donate

There will be more to come. I know things seem grim, but we have a chance to beat back and defeat the demons who are trying to snuff out all hope. Give money, make calls, make sure everyone you know is registered to vote and has requested their ballot (use to make it easy!) and stay focused. We can do this.

Can You Help Us?

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We’ve got one shot at saving this country. Let’s work together to make it happen. I’m excited for you to join our team.

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